front_coverNow available: As Seen on Your Nana’s Wall
A new minicomic-zine-kinda thing that is essentially a series of sometimes-creepy drawings about the theme. Get a copy from me in person, order online, or ask your local comic shop or zine distro to order it.

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I’m a writer, artist and designer who lives in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. I work from home as a technical writer by day and pursue a variety of creative projects the rest of the time. My wife Nicole recently completed a PhD in medieval lit. My son Jack (after Kirby) is in high school. We all love cats.

I have an irrational affection for Belgian things: steak-frites, comics, the Atomium, certain beers, waffles, Jean-Claude Van Damme… not mussels though. And I guess I’m really just lukewarm about Van Damme if pressed on the subject.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and making comics, movies, theatre, running, music, and surfing. I am a Buddhist, with a casual but committed zen practice.

I usually have some time for commissions and freelance work in illustration or design, including storyboarding. If you want to talk to me about a job, email me at for samples and rates.

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Buy Stuff

There are a few ways you can buy my stuff:

1) directly from me. Click here to go to a special page with a list of what I have in my inventory and what it will cost you, including shipping. This is a good option if you want something signed, or to order a commission, if you want to buy in bulk, or if you are a retailer or library.

2) order books through your local independent bookstore (tell them they can find ISBN numbers at the Amazon links below); you can also order gallery-quality prints from my Inprnt shop.

3) Click the relevant author page below if you live in an area where it makes more sense to order books from Amazon or if you want a Kindle edition:

Whatever you choose, thanks for your interest!

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I am available for shows, preferably ones that focus on zines and comics. Contact me and tell me about yours. Here is the list of my confirmed appearances coming up.

Halifax Zine Fair (Halifax, NS): Saturday, Nov. 2nd, 2019.

Here is a list of shows that I have appeared at in the past, for historical interest:

King Con (Kingston, ON): 2015-16.
Island Entertainment Expo (Charlottetown, PEI): 2019.
Fog City Comic Con (Saint John, NB): 2018-19.
East Coast Comic Expo (Moncton, NB): 2017-19.
Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival (Dartmouth, NS): 2013, 16-19
Halifax Zine Fair (Halifax, NS): 2017-19

Here are some links to interviews that people have done with me over the years:

True North Country Comics interview (August 2018)
Interview about The Insult with the NB Telegraph Journal (2016; paywall)
Unpublished (but interesting?) interview about an as yet unfinished project (2011)

Are you a member of the press? If you want to request an interview or press kit, feel free to contact me.

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For more information about my past and future projects, visit

For a monthly(ish) update on my projects plus assorted musings and exclusive stuff (including free shipping if you order something directly from me), sign up for my free newsletter.

If you have an inquiry about publishing, press interviews or kits, sales, or appearances, feel free to email me.

If you are interested in the HRM Making Comics Meetup which I organize, check out the page at

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