Last Days of an Immortal

Last Days of an Immortal by Gwen De Bonneval and Fabien Vehlmann is one of the most thought-provoking, interesting comics I have read in some time. Set in a future where humankind has evolved beyond violence (mostly) and is in contact with alien races, global law enforcement is composed of philosophers rather than truncheon-wielders. Thanks to advancements in medical science, humans can essentially live forever by transferring their consciousness into multiple identical bodies, with the only negative side effect being a loss of early memories if the minds are re-integrated.

One of the top Philosophical Police agents, Elijah, is called upon to mediate tensions between a couple of alien races; failure to do so could result in great destruction on Earth and off. At the same time, Elijah is disturbed and a little hurt that one of his oldest friends has decided to voluntarily end his own life without telling Elijah. As he investigates the root of the tension between the alien races, he comes to understand both the case and his relationships with greater clarity.

Last Days of an Immortal is an ingenious piece of writing wrapped in an imaginative art style that creates a vision of the future that is both contemporary and quaintly old-fashioned, as if a graphic novel had arrived from the era of Aldous Huxley. Long may it survive.



  1. Hi PorP,
    Thanks much for your praise of Last Days. It’s one of the few books so far that, as a professional translator, I was able to convince a publisher to take on (as opposed to being assigned). I feel a bit responsible for it, and really want it to do well, since I think it’s terrific, so I’m happy to see when people like it and can give it a press push.
    It looks like we have a few things in common besides: I’m a writer and translator who makes a large part of my living in the latter capacity off comics. My girlfriend is named Nicole, too, and comes from Michigan, which is near Kingston. I also spent a Fulbright year in Brussels looking into the Belgian School of the Strange, Belgium’s longstanding tradition of weird tales and supernatural horror (my other area of focus as a translator is the fantastic).
    Thanks again and best!
    Edward Gauvin


  2. Thanks Edward, I hope the book does well too; we don’t see enough of that sort of thing in North America. Happy holidays to you and your Nicole from me and mine. I wish we could be spending it in beautiful Belgium!


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