I’m a writer, artist and designer who lives in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. I work from home as a technical writer by day and pursue a variety of creative projects the rest of the time. My wife Nicole recently completed a PhD in medieval lit. My son Jack (after Kirby) is in high school. We all love cats.

I have an irrational affection for Belgian things: steak-frites, comics, the Atomium, certain beers, waffles, Jean-Claude Van Damme… not mussels though. And I guess I’m really just lukewarm about Van Damme if pressed on the subject.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and making comics, movies, theatre, running, music, and surfing. I am a Buddhist, with a casual but committed zen practice.

I usually have some time for commissions and freelance work in illustration or design, including storyboarding. If you want to talk to me about a job, email me at heyscottmarshall@gmail.com for samples and rates.