Buy Stuff!

If you like what I do, you can get copies for yourself at the following outlets:

  • Books are available online at Amazon, as well as CreateSpace Direct and other wholesale outlets for retailers and libraries. Visit the Books page for a list of links. If you are in the Halifax area, chances are good that you can find my stuff at Strange Adventures on Prince street.
  • Signed books (when available) and self-published comics and zines are available from me, through an online store.
  • Gallery-quality prints are available through InPrnt.

I try to bring a few copies of everything when I appear at comic or zine shows, so if you plan to attend one of those you can also pick something up there. If you can’t make it to a show or you would like to order some combination of things from me directly (or of you want them personalized somehow), feel free to email me with your request.