Same Old Lang Syne

Hello, pals and gals. Those of you who have been paying close attention to my social media or this site have already noticed some changes. This site has been dialed back to a more personal-profile scope. All of the creative works are now being tracked at my Behance site, I have also just started a new newsletter called Inconsequential Art that you can subscribe to if you want more or less weekly updates, plus the kind of stuff I used to post on social media.

I have some fun plans this year for publishing, but also for dipping my toe into making some music, recording some weird noises and dark comedy, creating a new card game, and more. I’m looking forward to it, and I feel that the changes I have been making will help me concentrate on creative side while also hopefully (finally) giving the promotional side its due.

So, this blog is being retired for now. I may start blogging again over at, just as a place to start film reviews again, but anything posted there will get pasted into the newsletter along with personal updates and creative updates. It’s free and you get a decent discount from my online store just for joining. I will never sell your info or send you crass marketing nonsense. I’ll just keep you in the loop and share some exclusive and/or process stuff. OK? OK.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for your patience as I figure this stuff out. Peace.

Scott Marshall
Halifax, NS
January, 2019