Flat Packed

This has been a busy week, though not for the usual reasons. On Monday my wife and I went to pick up a couple of things at Ikea, which combined with my efforts to rearrange and repack some things in storage. The rather cluttered corner where I had my home office is now a small dining area and I am now doing most of my laptop-based work at my wife’s vintage desk.

All of this moving around and packing and organizing took several evenings of spare time, so my creative output stalled a bit, but that’s all right. There is something to be said for decluttering. The clutter itself can be a persistent source of low-level stress, and the action of decluttering can improve one’s mood.

And there are still some small things to do- hanging some pictures, reorganizing some shelves- but it was a good diversion. Changing your work space can knock everything out of kilter in a productive way.

On Wednesday I had a nice chat with my friend Calum, who happens to own the splendid trio of Strange Adventures comic shops here in the Maritimes. He suggested a couple of promotional projects which I hope to get going soon, and we talked a bit about wanting to publish a showcase for local comics talent, of which there is plenty.  Anyway. I’m too busy with some other stuff this year but maybe next year for me.

So for this week’s production report, the bare minimum going out the door today- a new Insult, a new podcast episode, a new Faith of the Heart and this here blog post. I might take a short trip to NB next weekend, so this upcoming week might be the opposite of this past week, with me doing a bunch of art on the weekdays and then taking the weekend off, but we’ll see what happens. Thanks as always for reading and enjoy your week.




Responsible Couch Ownership

Greetings from Halifax, where we are in the part of winter where it snows, then rains, then freezes, then thaws, and this cycle continues. I am seated on a soon-to-be-replaced futon with Black Lightning on TV and a fat cat slumbering against my hip. The weekends are too damned short.

The futon is soon to be replaced because my dear wife and I decided to be practical with our shared Xmas gift this year, deciding at the last minute to buy a new sofa instead of a Nintendo Switch. The sofa was a special order that is due to arrive soon. I’m not sure what will become of the futon yet. In any case we are taking this opportunity to rearrange the apartment a little, get more organized and such.

This gave me a good reason to try to learn Sketchup again, and this time I think it worked. I made a simple 3D map of our living room and the furniture, grouped the planes, moved and rotated them around, learned some of the shortcut keys. I think that’s when you know you are a serious user of any graphics application- when you know the shortcut keys.


My wife has been sick all week and I felt pretty low-energy myself for a couple of days, but otherwise the end of January passed without complaint. I did manage to get some penciling done one a new short comic that I hope to get done in the next week or two. The resulting mini-comic will be the first exclusive printed thing for my Patreon.

There is a fun-sounding afternoon comic convention called Fog City Comic-con, organized by the public library in my former home city of Saint John, New Brunswick. This will its second year, occurring from 11-4 on Sunday, May 6th. I was just debating with myself earlier this week about applying for a table and making the drive and so on, when someone from the library kindly invited me to attend as a guest, maybe do a panel of some kind, so I took that as a sign and said yes. Assuming all goes as planned, that will be my first con appearance for 2018. I will update the appearances page with details for that and upcoming shows as details become available. And Fog City, thanks very much for the invite!

Speaking of comics, my LCS is the wonderful, Eisner-Award-winning Strange Adventures in Halifax. They were having a prize draw where a ballot would be entered for you if you picked up your pull list promptly, and I won this month! The prize included a copy of the Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus, a fancy Batman figurine, and several trade paperbacks. So that was a nice surprise, and let that be a lesson to you all- if you have a pull list at a comic shop, pick your books up promptly!

That’s all I can think of to say for this week. I haven’t posted them yet but there will be updates to Faith of the Heart, The Insult, and Sunday Night in Cinema 3 later today. I also started designing a sort of welcome package thing for Patreon a few days ago, and came up with a name for a card game I’m working on. I think I will try to have some prototypes ready to sell for this spring’s shows. More on that as this month goes on. In the meantime, thanks as always for reading.