In Print

The best way to stay ahead of my comics production is to visit my project site,

The second best way is to visit my new online store! I will be doing my best to keep an inventory of everything that is in print there in case you want to order something signed or personalized. It’s also the only place (apart from conventions and a store here or there) where you’ll be able to buy my minicomics and zines.

Finally, if all you want is one of my trade paperback collections and you’re not concerned about the autographs (or if you want an ebook), you can find Amazon links  on the Books page.



Feel free to download and enjoy the following PDFs of some comics-related projects.

Creative Commons LicenseThese works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

In_No_Particular_Order – a little zine with advice for anyone who wants to pursue creative work.

The DIY Comic – I made this for my son’s book club years ago as an activity. It’s a PDF of a blank 8-page comic plus pages of word balloons, special effect lettering, and caption boxes. The writing and drawing is up to you. Use the page templates in whatever order you want, then photocopy or bind them together. Trim lines are provided for the standard American comic book size.