I am available for shows in the upcoming year! Contact me and tell me about yours.

I am hoping to appear again at the ones I did last year, but I am also interested in doing some that I haven’t before, in the Atlantic Provinces or beyond. Here is the list of my confirmed appearances in 2018; I’ll update it whenever there is more to tell.

Fog City Comic Con (Saint John, NB): Sunday, May 6th, 11 AM to 4PM, at the library in Market Square uptown. I will be running a “how to make comics” thing for the first hour, aimed at beginners and/or kids. I believe the event itself is free. I will be bringing whatever I have in print, bits of original art, and I am open for commissions to complete beforehand that you can pick up there. Contact me at that same link above for a quote.

East Coast Comic Expo (Moncton, NB): Saturday, May 19th. I don’t have my table confirmed yet, once I do I will post the details here.