Flat Packed

This has been a busy week, though not for the usual reasons. On Monday my wife and I went to pick up a couple of things at Ikea, which combined with my efforts to rearrange and repack some things in storage. The rather cluttered corner where I had my home office is now a small dining area and I am now doing most of my laptop-based work at my wife’s vintage desk.

All of this moving around and packing and organizing took several evenings of spare time, so my creative output stalled a bit, but that’s all right. There is something to be said for decluttering. The clutter itself can be a persistent source of low-level stress, and the action of decluttering can improve one’s mood.

And there are still some small things to do- hanging some pictures, reorganizing some shelves- but it was a good diversion. Changing your work space can knock everything out of kilter in a productive way.

On Wednesday I had a nice chat with my friend Calum, who happens to own the splendid trio of Strange Adventures comic shops here in the Maritimes. He suggested a couple of promotional projects which I hope to get going soon, and we talked a bit about wanting to publish a showcase for local comics talent, of which there is plenty.  Anyway. I’m too busy with some other stuff this year but maybe next year for me.

So for this week’s production report, the bare minimum going out the door today- a new Insult, a new podcast episode, a new Faith of the Heart and this here blog post. I might take a short trip to NB next weekend, so this upcoming week might be the opposite of this past week, with me doing a bunch of art on the weekdays and then taking the weekend off, but we’ll see what happens. Thanks as always for reading and enjoy your week.